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Smart For Two ED emits Real Engine Noise with Brabus technology

You may be cruising at high speed with an electric car but you may not really have an idea if you don’t check the speedometer. The silence of the electric engine has been cited as one of its advantage but at the same time it poses as a threat to pedestrians and other motorists. Brabus, the German tuner, came up with an exhaust technology to make Smart For Two ED emit a sound like the “real car”.

Some automotive companies, governments, and Lotus engineering came up with solutions to address the silent engine of the EVs. It is not clear if Brabus uses one of these technologies but clever enough, Brabus makes the EV engines sound like real engine. Car owners can even choose if they want the sound of a small, fuel efficient car or a roar of a muscle tuned car.

The sound of the engine will be generated by a loud speaker placed on the front end of the chassis. The speaker is switched on once the driver steps on the pedal of the EV.

The Smart For Two ED cruises to a top speed of 60 mph and can cover about 70 miles on a single charge. The car takes about 6.5 seconds to be on a 30mph rush. The lithium-ion pack charges fully after eight hours of being plugged.

In cases when the EV must really cruise silently along the road, drivers will have an option to turn the sound off with a flick of a switch on the Brabus. So far, the idea is still just an idea but it may soon hit the production version once the Smart for Two ED hits the retail market by the end of 2009 or by the early part of 2010.

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