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Smart USA Offers Half-Price Parking for Smart ForTwo Owners

March 22nd, 2009

In agreement with the Central Parking System, Inc. of New York City, Smart USA Distributor LLC revealed that they are now offering hl-price parking rate for those who owned smart fortwo in Manhattan. With this sensational collaboration, there are now four companies that offers discounted parking rates for owners of Smart Fortwo.

Central Parking System, Inc. is the biggest parking company in the locations of Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and New Jersey. They had more than 350 parking garages and lots in the mentioned areas and all are giving discounts on parking for the customers owning Smart Fortwo. For the detailed and complete lists of the exact locations of parking in the said areas, you may visit www.centralparking.com.

Dave Schembri, President of Smart USA, said that with this collaboration, they are aiming to give New Yorkers to have the best of their driving experience with the facilitated parking that can be done anywhere in New York, while they attain fuel efficiency, sense of functionality and secured travel.

Smart Fortwo is measured 61 inches wide and 106 inches in length. This feature is a guarantee that parking in various areas in New York is not troublesome. In addition to that, this vehicle is making a talk to car aficionados who are concerned with unstable gas prices, and some environmental issues, particularly, air pollution.

The network of Smart dealers had already sold Smart Fotwos since January 16, 2008, with more than 27,000 vehicles purchased. Aside from that, presently, there are estimatedly 4,000 owners of smart in New York.

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