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Mini kicks off project to produce city car

p29- mini city carMini lovers who cannot afford their great cars may have something to cheer about as the car manufacturer starts studies to start the program that will work on a more affordable urban car. This forms part of their plan to boost their sales figures by introducing new cars on the lower end of their line-up.

The new city car is expected to rival the Smart Fortwo and will complement the direction set by the Megacity project of their parent company BMW. The city car will make use of modular components and technology used by BMW for their vehicles to lower down cost of production and give them a bigger chance to gain higher profits.

Mini has been known to argue that any smaller than their 3-door popular creation will not be profitable. It seems that the car manufacturer has found an answer to their concern with BMW set to develop a 3-cylinder engine and investors committed to pour in money for new techniques of production.

Insiders are saying that it is very early to tell if the project will materialize but they confirmed that there is strong momentum to accomplish the project’s goals of producing a city car that is ultra-frugal.

Mini is not really giving a lot of details about the car, if it is a four or two-seater or if the engine will be in front or rear. They hinted though that it will not be going beyond 3050 mm which is the original Mini engineered by Issigonis.

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