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Boxfresh gives Smart Fortwo a makeover

July 15th, 2011

If you have missed he Bugatti Veyron by Hermes, then you might have another chance of grabbing a designer tweaked car by the British label Boxfresh which worked with a Smart Fortwo tweaked by Brabus for the UK roads. The small ride has 101 horsepower or 31 hp more than the ones in the US and was given a finish similar on a grayish brown shade just like the Dakota Gray Mist by Audi.

The mechanicals of this Smart ForTwo are by Brabus but the interiors speaks of Boxfresh all over even on the center gauge. This Smart Fortwo by Boxfresh though is not for sale but is a preview of what we may see as Boxfresh and Smart collaborates to produce something exciting this year.

As you can see in the pictures, the interior deserves the adjective immaculate. The attention to the smallest details went into man hours for sure.

We might not want to ask now how much this setup costs anyway this is still a one off dry run and we will definitely hear from Smart and design company Boxfresh what they will have before the end of 2011 for those who want a stylish econoride.

Most likely the Smart Fortwo by Boxfresh will not make it to the United States and folks over there will have to settle for the Mini Inspired by Goodwod.

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