Mini kicks off project to produce city car

June 7th, 2010

p29- mini city carMini lovers who cannot afford their great cars may have something to cheer about as the car manufacturer starts studies to start the program that will work on a more affordable urban car. This forms part of their plan to boost their sales figures by introducing new cars on the lower end of their line-up.

The new city car is expected to rival the Smart Fortwo and will complement the direction set by the Megacity project of their parent company BMW. The city car will make use of modular components and technology used by BMW for their vehicles to lower down cost of production and give them a bigger chance to gain higher profits.

Mini has been known to argue that any smaller than their 3-door popular creation will not be profitable. It seems that the car manufacturer has found an answer to their concern with BMW set to develop a 3-cylinder engine and investors committed to pour in money for new techniques of production.

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Smart For Two ED emits Real Engine Noise with Brabus technology

July 1st, 2009
You may be cruising at high speed with an electric car but you may not really have an idea if you don’t check the speedometer. The silence of the electric engine has been cited as one of its advantage but at the same time it poses as a threat to pedestrians and other motorists. Brabus, the German tuner, came up with an exhaust technology to make Smart For Two ED emit a sound like the “real car”.

Some automotive companies, governments, and Lotus engineering came up with solutions to address the silent engine of the EVs. It is not clear if Brabus uses one of these technologies but clever enough, Brabus makes the EV engines sound like real engine. Car owners can even choose if they want the sound of a small, fuel efficient car or a roar of a muscle tuned car.

The sound of the engine will be generated by a loud speaker placed on the front end of the chassis. The speaker is switched on once the driver steps on the pedal of the EV.

The Smart For Two ED cruises to a top speed of 60 mph and can cover about 70 miles on a single charge. The car takes about 6.5 seconds to be on a 30mph rush. The lithium-ion pack charges fully after eight hours of being plugged.

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Smart USA Offers Half-Price Parking for Smart ForTwo Owners

March 22nd, 2009

In agreement with the Central Parking System, Inc. of New York City, Smart USA Distributor LLC revealed that they are now offering hl-price parking rate for those who owned smart fortwo in Manhattan. With this sensational collaboration, there are now four companies that offers discounted parking rates for owners of Smart Fortwo.

Central Parking System, Inc. is the biggest parking company in the locations of Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and New Jersey. They had more than 350 parking garages and lots in the mentioned areas and all are giving discounts on parking for the customers owning Smart Fortwo. For the detailed and complete lists of the exact locations of parking in the said areas, you may visit

Dave Schembri, President of Smart USA, said that with this collaboration, they are aiming to give New Yorkers to have the best of their driving experience with the facilitated parking that can be done anywhere in New York, while they attain fuel efficiency, sense of functionality and secured travel.

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Smart Reaches 20,000-Sale Milestone

November 7th, 2008

Smart USA sold its 20000th Smart ForTwo car in its Dallas Dealership last October 3o. The president of the company in the USA was present to help with the delivery of Patrick Zipper’s, a Dallas resident, new car.

The achievement came earlier than expected since the company is still very young. Smart is just 10 months old in the United States.

Company officials are expecting a further increase in sales by next year despite the dropping gas prices. They believe that there is more to fuel consumption why people purchase their cars. Owning a Smart ForTwo is a lifestyle change according to them.

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Smart Parodies

October 27th, 2008

I’m a huge fan of these! :D I love the Smorsche and the Smerrari! :D

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