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Smart brand outwits social media critic; says it takes 45M pigeon poop to destroy a Smart Car

July 13th, 2012

Social media interactions between brands and consumers can be fun at times. SmartUSA just made a lot of car lovers smile this week as it outsmarted a critic over Twitter. And yes, their answer came with an infographic.

It started when a certain Clayton Hove tweeted that he saw a Smart Car totaled after a bird poop on it. Other brands might have ignored or just shared the laughter, but it was not the case for the makers of the Smart line of cars.

They tweeted back saying that they did the math and it could not have been one bird, but 4.5 million pigeons. That is definitely a brilliant move from a brand protecting its position in the market. They even came with a witty infographic. See that below:

There was really a process that people from SmartUSA went thru before coming up with the answer. They called up farmers, found out how poops of birds weighs, and researched how much pigeons and other birds poop each day. They tossed the information together and bam!

The social media team of Smart also used the opportunity to promote the safety of their vehicle. The critic was definitely caught off guard. The company has a good policy of loving the lovers and just dealing with the haters with some humor about their quirky ride.

The company admits that their cars are not for everyone but there are people out there who have uses for them. They expect more of the mockery in the future but they are confident they can handle them well and use them to their brand’s advantage.

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